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Well I'm an only child so I know nothing about having siblings and all that ish. Anon, it's MUGHAL and KERALA. So yeah. And I love laal kila (red fort). And Taj Mahal is perf. Nothing can beat that. Also, we are waiting for the Drabble and the update! Why don't you do something set near the taj or something?? Just an idea. Love xxx

I know, I know! I’m about to write some more now…


that one person that everybody likes

but you fucking hate

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Regarding travel to India, the southern spice region is so gorgeous and full of great culture+food. I know you said you wanted to go to India for the mohgul palaces and what not but I've been to India 3 times and Karala was definitely a fav of mine



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Aman is enthusiastic, Soph isn't allowed to the games

And now we all know.


*hears heartbreak girl riff in the distance*

you cALL ME UP

*kicks down door* IT’S LIKE A BROKEN RECORD

*screams out into night* SAYING THAT YOUR HEART HURTS

*knee slides into infinity* THAT YOU’LL NEVER GET OVER HIM

*colapses into nothingness* GETTING OVER YOU



the question is who in your otp is the enthusiastic parent that cheers way too loudly at soccer games

and which is the one who isn’t allowed at the soccer games anymore because they keep yelling at the ref