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I don’t have to watch an adaptation of this one because I saw the play at the Globe. Demetrius was hot.

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favourite quote?

All art is quite useless from The Picture of Dorian Gray, or The fault is not in our stars […] but our eyes from Julius Caesar. :)


If Game of Thrones has taught me anything it’s Kings are fucking weak and don’t mess with a Queen

How I deal with so many peasants in my life, I do not know.

I mean, I know I have trouble functioning in mainstream society because I’m Hella awkward and evil and whatnot, but wow, some people are just reallyyy stupid.

I should get a humanitarian award or something for not just shooting everyone, seriously.

And on that happy note - goodnight.

(no, I didn’t start writing BP, but I promise I will tomorrow)

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When do you think you will be updating unbroken?

I’m not sure… Hopefully… Soon…?

The thing is, the Jolly Roger is his home. Ariel was asking way too much from him. How many of us would be ready to give up our home to help a complete stranger find her lover?

Killian Jones isn’t Prince Charming and he’s never claimed to be, so I’m not surprised he didn’t take her up on her plea. Though, I do think him killing Blackbeard was a rash decision made because Blackbeard was taunting him, and to also prove to himself that he was indeed the same person and that he hadn’t changed.

The fact that he was so racked with guilt 9 months later shows that he was only lying to himself and that Emma has truly changed him for the better.

It just bothered me when Ariel called him selfish when she was literally asking him to give up his ship for her so she could find Eric.


User Caitlin, in response to this question posted by The Examiner 3x17 recap - “Do you think Hook was acting in the name of love when he betrayed Ariel? Or was it just a matter of machismo?”

It defends Killian’s choice without taking away the unhonorable aspect of his act.

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Same! So buzzed!